Fast and Reliable Repairs When You Need Them

Reach out to us for auto repair services in Sumner, IA

Looking for a qualified mechanic that can handle your auto repairs? Turn to Mattke Detailing. We offer auto repair services out of our shop in Sumner, IA. With over a decade of auto repair experience, we're fully equipped to solve almost any problem.

Once we've finished your vehicle's diagnostic, we'll give you a free estimate for the repairs and get to work. Any minor issues with your vehicle will be taken care of ASAP. Sign up for our auto repairs services by calling 563-578-5000 now.

What repairs do you need?

The auto repair services we provide are extensive and affordable. For just $100 an hour, we can...

  • Change or patch your tires
  • Take care of your oil change
  • Work on your engine
  • Check out your brakes
  • Provide any other services a mechanic could
We work on cars, SUVs, trucks and similar vehicles. So long as you don't bring in heavy-duty equipment, you can count on us to fix things up. Hire us for your auto repair needs today.

Don't put off necessary repairs

It's often easy to put off auto repairs if you can still get to where you're going, but that doesn't mean your car is safe to drive. Get the fast and affordable auto repair services you need from Mattke Detailing before...

  • Engine issues make your car blow up
  • Transmission issues keep you in second gear
  • Brake issues lead to an accident
  • A fuel line leak leaves you stranded

We'll solve any potential driving hazards and make sure you can travel safely. Contact us in Sumner, IA today to schedule an appointment.